Our Produce

Mixed Sunflowers

We grow a wide variety of sunflowers, in colors ranging from delicate butter yellow to rich velvety black.  Favorite cultivars include Soraya, Ring of Fire, and Infrared.

Sugar Baby

Sugar baby Round fruits, 6-8" in diameter, averaging 8-10 lb. Ripe melons are almost black. Good flavor.


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Beautiful purple basil,tastes much like Genovese.


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One of our favorite cilantro varieties. Excellent in salsa and salads. Very fresh tasting

Forest Green

Add to dishes for a subtle flavor or accent.

Rosemary, Fresh

Rosemary grows on a small evergreen shrub belonging to the Labiatae, the mint family. Its leaves look like flat pine-tree needles, deep green in color on top while silver-white on their underside. Its memorable flavor and unique health benefits makes it an indispensable herb for every kitchen. It flavors chicken, lamb, pork, salmon and tuna dishes as well as many soups and sauces.Because it is a well-established antioxidant, you will definitely want to include this wonderful herb in your arsenal against disease!


This is also known as butter crunch lettuce.  With soft, sweet leaves this makes the perfect salad.


Coastal Star

Good, sweet, flavorful romaine lettuce

Lolla Rossa

This red curly leaf variety has excellent flavor and makes a stunning display either by itself or as part of a salad.


Multi Red #4

An intense red leaf lettuce with mild taste.



Our romaine is a crunchy mild leaf lettuce that is perfect for sandwiches, burgers or Caesar salads.

Tomato Starts
Tomato plants

In the spring we have a wide selection of tomato transplants available at our farmstand - heirlooms and hybrids, cherries and slicers, red and yellow.  There's something for everyone!

Bok choy
Prize Choy

We have long liked Prize Choy for its elegant vase-like shape, medium thick white stems and smooth, mild flavor. Prefers cool weather, but is slow to bolt in heat.

Blue Wind

Heads are medium sized, blue green with small, attractive beads.

Red Express Cabbage

High in Vitamin C, folate and antioxidant, this early season cabbage is very flavorful and just the right size, about 2-4lbs, for those wanting smaller portions.

Tendersweet Cabbage

Midsize, flat heads stand well without splitting. Tender leaves are very thin, sweet, and crisp - perfect for coleslaw or stir-fries

Sugar Snax

Tender and sweet describe the fine eating quality of this deeply colored carrot. High in beta-carotene, an antioxidant and important source of provitamin A.


The relatively smooth, dark green, 8" fruits are free of striping and bitterness and have the best taste of the American type.


Very glossy black fruit with green calyx.

Classic Italian bell shape, 6" x 3". Early, firm fruit on strong plants. Uniform and high yielding, even in the North.



A traditional egg-shaped or tear-drop shaped, purple black eggplant.  A medium-sized firm eggplant.

Slim Purple Asian

An early and beautiful long slender Chinese eggplant with a light purple (not purple black) color.

Green Beans
Fresh Pick

Tender and rich-tasting 6 1/2" green beans. Compared with Jade, Fresh Pick's pods are plumper and darker green, suggestive of pole beans, with an even better flavor.


Vigorous, medium-maturity, upright plants with higher packout and fewer culls under a variety of growing conditions. 10-13" long, medium-thick shanks with beautiful blue-green foliage.


A specially designed blend based on two years of trial research to make your salad mix stand out from the crowd. Selected varieties yield darker reds and greens even under low-light conditions. Ruffled edges and unique leaf shapes provide loft, interesting texture, good shelf life, and fancy appearance. Includes varieties such as Outredgeous, Tango, Dark Lollo Rossa, and others.

Encore Mix

A stunning mix of different colors, shapes and textures. Varieties include Dark Red Lollo Rossa, Firecracker, Red Saladbowl, Tango, Parris Island, Deer Tongue,and Rouge D'Hiver.


The first dark green butterhead lettuce with heat tolerance.

Rouge D'Hiver Romaine
An open-pollinated, heirloom variety, Rouge D’Hiver originated in France in l885. This red romaine is unabashedly gorgeous, reliably hardy and perfect for baby greens. Rouge D’Hiver produces large, robust heads of reddish-bronze, green-veined leaves which tolerate both heat and cold well. Even after being dressed, its showy red leaves stay crisp and their heft makes them ideal with weightier salad ingredients. Serve shiny leaves of Rouge D’Hiver on a platter, arranging cooked, chilled beet slices, fennel slivers and toasted walnuts. Dress with a simple walnut oil vinaigrette and snips of chives. Simple, elegant and healthy!
Mesclun Mix

Elegance Greens Mix includes various shades of red accented with green and blue. A pleasing blend of flavors and textures makes this a real hit. It includes international ingredients such as Red Choi, Garnet Giant, Ruby Streaks, Spigariello Liscia, and Waido.

Ovation Mix

A great combination of both mild and spicy ingredients. Similar to All Greens Mix, only organic seed. This mix includes Red Giant, Early Mizuna, Tatsoi, Red Russian, and Arugula.

256 Nabechan

Better flavor than other bunching onions.

Green Onions

A Sweet and mild flavored bunching onion.

Pepper: Bell or Sweet
Bell Peppers

Our peppers are on the smaller side due to lower pollination, however this also leads most of them to be seedless.  These sweet peppers come in green, red, or yellow – and sometimes an artistic mixture of all three colors.


California Wonder

Garden favorite with mild, delicate flavor. Great for stuffing or salads. Green and Red.


Initial color is lime green, turning to yellow when ripe. Excellent, sweet flavor. Medium-large fruits are mostly 3-lobed and slightly elongated

Red Knight

A large, early, green-to-red pepper. Big, blocky, thick-walled, and turns red early. Fruity and sweet.

Pepper: Hot
This mildly spicy pepper is called 'Poblano' when fresh and 'Ancho' when dried. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 2,500-3,000.
The cayenne pepper is the hottest one we grow - so for those in need of heat, steer towards these long, red peppers. They are also reported to have many medicinal benefits from increasing circulation to reducing stomach aches, cramping pains, and gas. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 40,000-90,000.
This popular pepper is named after the city of Xalapa, Veracruz where it is traditionally produced. Jalapeños are known by different names in Mexico, such as cuaresmenos, huachinangos and chiles gordos. A chipotle is a jalapeño that has been smoked. Drying? no. Scoville Rating: 2,500-10,000.
Dark Red Norland

One of the best summer varieties for early digging, and it stores well! Great baked, boiled, or roasted. The oblong potatoes have smooth red skin, white flesh, and size rapidly.

Yukon Gold

Wondeful waxy flesh - good for potato salads, homemade chips and french fries!


The radishes are 3-4" long, slender, 2/3- 3/4 red, with a white tip, tapered to a point. Good fresh market specialty.

Easter Egg

Make beautiful bunches with this mix of red, purple, and white round radishes. Maturing over an extended period of time, they stay crisp and mild even when large. Great fun for children and adults alike.

French Breakfast
A root vegetable related to the turnip and horseradish family, with a crisp texture and a mild to delicately sweet flavor. The French Breakfast radish has an elongated shape that can grow to approximately three inches in length, displaying a bright red outer skin, which turns white at the root base. There are two main categories of radishes, either the spring or winter radishes, based on the time when they are harvested. Spring radishes are harvested early in their growing season resulting in a smaller radish. The winter radishes are harvested later in their growth and result in a larger round or more elongated shaped vegetable. This radish is considered to be a spring radish, but may be available throughout the year. It is a radish that is generally served raw to be used as hors d'oeuvres or a complement to salads. When selecting, choose radishes that are firm, crisp, and without blemishes. Radishes grown and harvested when temperatures remain hot develop an increased bitterness. Store without the leafy tops and place in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic to keep fresh for several days. It is also known as a Flambo radish.
Snow Peas
Snow Sweet

Pods avg. 3 1/2-4" and remain tender at a much larger berry size than traditional snow peas. Tender, sweet pods are good for salads, stir fries, and steaming.

Sugar Snap Peas
Sugar Snap

Sugar Snap has become a household name in the U.S. since its 1979 introduction. The vines are tall, growing about 6' or more, and need support. Pods are about 3" long, 1/2" across, and bear over a long picking period. Both peas and pods are sweet.

Sweet Potato

Dark red-orange skin with moist, sweet, orange flesh

Swiss Chard
Bright Lights

Stems of many colors including gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white ... with bright and pastel variations. Lightly savoyed, green or bronze leaves. The taste is milder than ordinary chard, with each color a bit different.

Swiss Chard

A reliable mild green.  We grow bright lights, which has fun colorful stems.  Try it sauteed with butter and garlic.


Our favorite Asian green.  Can be harvested small for salad mix or as a large rosette.  Beautiful, nutritious, tasty.


We have Geronimo and Quest varieties.  These are large, juicy slicing tomatoes.  Despite growing and harvesting all winter, these are just as good (if not better) than any tomato you’ll get in the summer. 

Celebrity Hybrid

Celebrity Hybrid-The celebrity of this tomato is 8 ounce average sized fruit that seems to be pretty crack resistant.  The plant is determinate meaning the growth habit is bush like.  The plant will reach full size and continue to produce masses of fruit.  Celebrity Hybrid is known for high yields making it great for home gardeners.

Cherokee Purple

Our most sought-after heirloom tomato for fresh eating and sandwiches, these dark purple/brown beauties are known for their unmistakable smokey-sweet flavor!

Cherokee Purple

Medium-large, flattened globe fruits. Color is dusky pink with dark shoulders. Multilocular interior ranges from purple to brown to green.

Green Zebra

As tasty as they are pretty, these tomatoes ripen to a lime green background color laced with dark green "zebra stripes".  Bright and with good "bite" these are the perfect size and flavor for two chops into quarters and right into your summer salad.  Red and Black half siblings of this variety add great color if you're entertaining folks this week.

Green Zebra Tomatoes

Beautiful chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes, very attractive. Flesh is bright green and very rich tasting, sweet wth a sharp bite to it. A favorite tomatoe of many high class chefs. This is the tomatoe colored for the Green Bay Packers.


We see Juliet tomatoes as a cross between a cherry tomato and a plum tomato.  It is shaped like a large grape tomato.  It is resistant to a lot of tomato diseases and you can harvest from the plants for a long time.  We like to use it raw in salads and cooked in sauces and other dishes.

Pruden's Purple

A silken texture and rich tomato taste, nicely tart with a balanced undertone of sweetness that is neither insipid nor cloying.

Sun Cherry

Sweet, red cherry tomato

Sun Gold

Intense fruity flavor.  Exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes leave customers begging for more.

Taxi - Yellow Tomato

Meaty, 4-6 oz., baseball-sized, lemon-yellow tomatoes. Smooth, blemish-free globes with a small stem scar. Attractive, sweet-flavored, and easy to grow.

Tomato, Cherry
mixed cherry tomatoes

Perhaps our most popular product, the perfect summer snack.  Sungold, SS 100, Brown Berry, and White Cherry provide a sweet mix of colors and flavors

Winter Squash
Acorn - Honey Bear

Honey Bear Unique, small, 1–1 1/4 lb. (500 g), 4" rounded fruits are just the right size halved for single servings. Honey Bear sets a new standard for taste in acorn squash – deliciously starchy and sweet.


Compared with Waltham Butternut, the vine is short (even shorter than Metro) and has some mildew resistance. The fruits are slightly smaller, avg. 3-4 lb. Good taste.


This winter squash has a sweet flesh but for me, takes best to savory applications because of the nutty flavor qualities it carries.  A good option for stuffing once the seed cavity is hollowed out.  Though all fall squash skins are edible, the outside skin of the delicata is thicker than Butternut and many of Delicata's other hard squash kin.

Spaghetti Squash

When it first appeared in seed catalogs in the early 20th century, it was sold as 'Vegetable Spaghetti'.  For all practical purposes, this title fits the description of Spaghetti Squash to this day!  Just warm it up, cut off the top, and scoop out the spaghetti-like stringy insides and serve!  I promise you will not lose your home gourmet accredidation if you microwave this squash - it's the easiest way to get the job done.  Dress it up with butter & garlic and Italian seasonings, and some sauce, or enjoy it for what it is - a vegetable spaghetti!

Golden Glory

A fancy golden yellow cylindrical zucchini with a dark stem.


Fruits are a beautiful, bright golden-yellow, with a low frequency of fruits with green tips.

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